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Accelerate the DevOps best practices in your organization.

In today’s digital world, consolidtion and agility are synonymous with efficiency, and that’s what DevOps is all about. Instead of having separate groups of people that handle product management, software development, and operations, you merge them all together to create one powerful and agile team. This speeds up the process of software and application development and puts you ahead of the competition. At Aguilass, we want to help your business or organization begin its DevOps journey and provide support along the way. Our competency in AWS DevOps and our partnership with the enterprise software company Atlassian set us apart from the competition. From advisory through implementation and management, we can help you come up with a unique DevOps blueprint that is suitable for your business and industry and help you integrate it into your daily practices. The result is a speedy, streamlined development and operations experience that leads to more creativity and innovation and the best possible products and services for your customers.

The Benefits of Implementing DevOps Best Practices:

The benefits of turning your business into a DevOps organization are practically unlimited, but the most important reason why most companies opt to make the switch is increased speed. The software and applications your company develops will hit the market at record speed, which means more revenue and happier customers. Once DevOps is fully implemented, you can release small and release often, a model that is favorable with most consumers. The quality of your products will improve as well. When your team collaborates instead of building an application with no human interaction, you’ll find that creativity and innovation abound. Members can build on each other’s feedback and expertise to create the best possible product. Quick access to user feedback will also help you make improvements or detect flaws earlier in the process. Our services fall into the following categories:

DevOps Advisory

For many organizations, DevOps is a fairly new concept, and that’s okay. At Aguilass, we offer DevOps advisory workshops for those who are interested in the practices and philosophies but have no idea where to start. Our advisory workshops include: Collaborative sessions that allows us to go over your business objectives, pain points, and the culture of your organization

DevOps Implemenation

Once you have your blueprint and strategy in place, Aguilass can also help you with DevOps implementation. We’ll help you establish a DevOps Center of Excellence that allows you to start with small changes and prevents a complete shock to your business culture, as well as guide you through the many changes.

DevOps Support

Once you have fully implemented a DevOps team, ongoing development, management, and support is key to successful innovation, but most companies do not have the internal expertise. Fortunately, Aguilass’s experience in DevOps means we have the professionals on board to offer these services and more.

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