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Analytics Platform (Decision Moments)

Gain business insights at the speed of data and simplify IT complexity—using your existing investments

Speed is the big differentiator for today’s businesses. How quickly companies can gain new insights, make decisions and arrive at outcomes can make the difference between winners and losers. To gain a competitive advantage, organizations are looking for new ways to accelerate the insight process and simplify IT complexity with data analytics tools that leverage existing investments.

To drive greater growth efficiency and innovation, companies must also embrace big data. By creating data lakes and using intelligent, self-learning analytic systems, companies can make fast, evidence-based decisions, deliver targeted digital solutions and stay ahead of competitors. Aguilass can help.

Create More Value from Digital Transformation

Aguilass Decision Moments is the first data analytics platform to apply continuous learning algorithms to large data pools. Using this innovative sense-and-respond system, companies can uncover compelling insights that improve over time and create more value from their digital transformation.

Decision Moments is an agile and customizable data intelligence platform that simplifies technological complexity by easily adapting to fit the requirements of your organization’s existing data analytics investment. And it’s also flexible enough to modify in response to changes in the market, technologies or business needs.

Decision Moments has the features companies need to accelerate processes and deliver faster insights:

  • Includes more than 20 industry-specific machine-learning algorithms based on deep learning techniques.
  • Allows you to leverage 25 business apps across retail, consumer goods, travel, banking and insurance industries.
  • Offers access to a design store with 35 prebuilt technology components for big data programs.
  • Provides a modeling sandbox to perform rapid exploratory data analysis before investing at scale.

To gain the full value and cost savings of a data analytics platform, Decision Moments is powered by Microsoft Azure services, including the Cortana Intelligence Suite, in a cloud-native solution.

Aguilass Decision Moments provides your key decision makers with the platform they need to make sense of large amounts of data from multiple sources. With diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities at your fingertips, your organization can make rapid strategic and operational decisions, deliver targeted digital solutions and gain the full value of your company’s digital transformation.

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