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Application Managed Services (ATLAS)

Turn IT into a strategic partner for business growth

Today, IT organizations need to take an increasingly central role in delivering business outcomes. Moving IT from a reactive support role to a proactive business leadership role requires the agility to handle a faster pace of change. IT executives need to:

  • Support continual business growth on shrinking budgets
  • Lower annual costs by an expected 10-20%, despite years of initiatives to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Deliver increasingly expensive, complex applications that are time-consuming to acquire, integrate, configure, monitor and optimize

Frustrated with expectations, CIOs are looking for:

Innovative solutions for delivering application services, one of the largest spending areas in IT.

Ways to measure the business value of managed applications (reduced TCO, performance, availability, scalability, strategic vision).

Use ATLAS as your guide

Atlas, Aguilass end-to-end, output-based managed services framework, replaces ticket-in, ticket-out managed application services with a focus on delivering optimized business value. Atlas takes charge of the lifecycle of your enterprise applications. We use Atlas to design and deploy fully tested applications, scale capacity under extremely short deadlines, and eliminate integration risks. Atlas uses customized pricing models to ensure flexible, affordable solutions.

Atlas transforms IT into a strategic profit center. This hyper-agile managed services model drives enterprise growth to take you from transition to optimization to transformation.


To successfully transition to a managed services engagement calls for creating plans, documenting key processes and application use, and coordinating a formal transfer of application support services.

  • The Atlas Global Transition Workbench, a world-class toolkit.
  • A four-part transition phase: planning, knowledge acquisition, shadow support and primary support.

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