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Over the last few years, thousands of companies across all industries have taken the plunge and moved their applications and infrastructure into the cloud, reaping endless benefits. During that time, Aguilass helped guide many of those organizations through every step of the way, and today, we are ready to take on new challenges. Whether you want to go the lift and shift route or you want to completely change the architecture of your current environment, migration to the cloud is a core part of what we do at Aguilass. We also offer 24/7 global cloud management services, whether you have a private cloud or take advantage of a public one like Google, Azure, Rackspace, or AWS. In other words, you can spend your time running your day-to-day business operations, and we will handle the rest. As a matter of fact, many companies admit they aren’t yet making the transformation to the cloud because they just don’t have the technical skills and know how. With our help, lack of ability will never stand in your way.

Advantages of Moving Your Infrastructure to the Cloud

If you are not already convinced that a migration to the cloud is right for your organization, you will be after you see just how much it can work to your advantage. Start with the price. Setting up your infrastructure in the cloud is far less expensive than an application server. The cloud is faster than a server, too. Of course, one of the big reasons why companies are making the move is the endless storage capacity. With so much data being created and stored each day, you need an inexpensive and convenient place to put it. This is especially important because it can keep up with your growing business. Don’t forget about accessibility. If you have salespeople who are always on the road, employees who work from home, or vendors who need access to your infrastructure from their offices, having it all located within the cloud means anyone with permission can access it from any location with a connection. This typically leads to increased efficiency, easier collaboration, and better decision making based on real-time information.

Cloud Strategy

Perhaps you know your organization is ready for the cloud, but you don’t know how to get there. Aguilass can help you come up with a strategy.

Cloud Transformation & Migration

Our cloud transformation and migration services are for when you are ready to take the leap. We will help you move some or all of your applications and data to the cloud of your choosing. It all starts with a Cloud Readiness Assessment. Throughout the process, we will use quality control points to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Cloud SaaS Development

You can also rely on Aguilass for Software as a Service (SaaS) development. Over the years, we have created numerous customized cloud-ready SaaS application development projects for our clients

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