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Connected Buildings Platform (Gladius)

Drive sustainability and enhanced occupant comfort with IoT and Video Analytics

Energy efficiency and sustainability are talking points for companies and people alike. However, building management is unable to address these issues due to existence of legacy, disparate and proprietary building systems. Typical efforts to optimize building operations only result in disruption of service, increased capital expenditure and occupant discomfort.

Internet of Things (IoT) provides a way out of this tricky situation. With IoT based open platforms, the building systems can be centralized, automated and optimized to levels inconceivable in existing systems. IoT platforms enable:

  • Bringing together of all disparate systems within a building and across buildings on to one common platform
  • Leveraging insights from real-time data (gathered from internal and external sources) to intelligently control the systems

Gladius Connected Buildings Platform

Gladius Connected Buildings is a powerful IoT based open platform that brings visibility, actionable insights and intelligent automation to the entire building portfolio without the need for high capital expenditure. It is a scalable platform that grows as you add buildings and systems while retaining flexibility in choice of vendor for both upgrade and maintenance. The platform seamlessly integrates all your data from:

  • Operational Technology (OT) systems such as HVAC, cameras and fire security systems
  • Enterprise IT systems such as ERP and Ticket Management system

Gladius Connected Buildings enhances energy efficiency and sustainability by enabling transition from individual component-level optimization to holistic optimization. It delivers automated, continuous optimization based on real-time conditions thereby enabling the workforce to focus on buildings and systems that need the most attention.


Integrated building portfolio

  • Connected buildings across locations
  • Unified dashboard and controls
  • Enterprise IT integration

Actionable Insights

  • Camera and IoT Analytics
  • Benchmarking and comparative analysis of buildings
  • Early warning signals for equipment faults
  • Granular energy usage trend analysis

Intelligent Automation

  • Intelligent automation and occupancy based controls
  • Automated video evidence capture for violations
  • Automated ticket generation for equipment faults

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