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Gauge the sales floor: Arm sales associates with a reliable sixth sense to drive conversion

More than 90% of sales still happen in physical stores, especially when the buying decision is complex. Customers value good advice at stores, which provides an ideal opportunity for an in-store sales associate to convert a motivated shopper into a buyer. But 90% of the time, shoppers leave in frustration when they can’t find an informed salesperson to help with selection. The right sales person may well be in store but mostly they are either busy with internal activities or engaged with casual shoppers. Their inability to identify and engage with high potential shopper is lose-lose proposition for shopper, store and the sales associate.

Most initiatives for improving in-store conversion rates involve personalization, which requires knowing the identity and preferences of the shopper. However, the vast majority of in-store shoppers prefer not to divulge their identities. The ability to consistently assist the right shopper at the right time may well be the critical cog that improves conversion and retains retail store significance.

Flooresense: Zero in on anonymous shoppers with high purchase intent

Flooresense is Aguilass intelligent real-time recommendation platform. It guides the appropriate store associate to a shopper who is likely to become a customer if given the necessary assistance.


  • Uses patented video analytics and purchase-intent learning algorithms that work with multisensory data feeds to identify high-potential shoppers
  • Delivers real-time alerts to a sales associates’ mobile device
  • Retains customer privacy while equipping an appropriate sales associate with relevant information and cross-sell suggestions
  • Captures feedback that pertains to shopper interactions to better identify and prioritize potential customers


Flooresense makes sense of the floor, so retailers can:

  • Improve conversion rates
  • Encourage customer loyalty with better customer experiences
  • Quickly and affordably increase in-store sales with low IT investment and effort
  • Immediately attend to motivated, anonymous shoppers
  • Improve store associates’ efficiency

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