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Gain safe access to technology with our substantial IAM Service.

Advancements in technology are changing the world, and throughout the last 20 years, Aguilass has been at the forefront of it all. Unfortunately, that means we have also witnessed first-hand the increase in the number of threats to a company’s IT systems, particularly its data and applications. Security threats may come from the outside in the form of hackers and ransomware, but more often than not, the threat is the result of carelessness from someone on the inside. An employee accesses your data with a laptop through an unsecure Wi-Fi hotspot or leaves a smartphone with stored passwords sitting on a table in a restaurant. All it takes is one small mistake. Our expertise in IAM (Identity Access & Management) solutions using technologies like Microsoft, Oracle, Computer Associates, and ForgeRock, as well as our capability to run large IAM platforms is what sets us apart from other IT companies.

How Does IAM Benefit Your Business?

Recent changes to the business world, such as the use of personal devices and more mobility among employees, have made it more difficult than ever to manage access. IAM services allow you to create the rules. You determine who can log in to view or manipulate your data and other applications and just how deep into your system he or she can go. IAM is the framework for allowing your employees, vendors, and other privileged individuals access without jeopardizing your system. Because it is typically managed via a cloud, the people you want to access your system can do so safely at any time or from practically any device or location, with elements like single sign on, multi-factor authentication, and device-based risk management. Far too many organizations see IAM services as an unimportant part of their IT strategy because they believe they do not lead directly to revenue. In reality, extra security can attract more customers in many industries. It can prevent you from losing important data that is key to your next marketing campaign. It can even make your employees work more efficiently. IAM services, such as those offered by Aguilass, can streamline your systems and easily adapt to new protocols, which can lead to a major upswing in productivity from your staff. Our services fall into the following categories:

IAM Strategy

When your company wants to learn more about what IAM can do for you, one of Aguilass’s IAM Strategy workshops is the place to start. They typically last for 6 to 8 weeks and end with your organization having its own implementation roadmap in place.

IAM Implemenation

If you already have an IAM strategy, and you are ready to implement it, we can help with that, too. We have the unmatched expertise and technical skills to integrate a successful IAM program into your organization’s system.

IAM Managed Services

Eliminate the need to hire your own IT people to manage your IAM system. We offer a cost-effective and reliable management service that keeps everything secure and updated by maintaining your IAM infrastructure and staying on top of advances in technology. Our technicians will monitor your system 24/7 to stay on top of performance issues, provide guidance for root cause analysis, and protect your data.

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