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Intelligent Video Surveillance

Businesses of all types use video surveillance to secure their facilities and protect employees and assets from malicious activity. With the emergence of digital video, IP cameras and network video recorders, companies can deliver surveillance through the Internet to reduce costs and enable greater sophistication. But these systems produce huge amounts of data that are difficult to manage and significantly increase data center costs. To reduce total cost of ownership, simplify management and gain more effective security, companies need help from proven IT expertise in integrating unified, reliable digital security systems.

Gladius Video Management Software

Gladius is an enterprise video management software that provides plug-n-play support for a wide range of industry-leading IP cameras and encoders. It uses High Performance Analytics to help organizations protect their assets and reduce pilferage. With its high reliability and scalability, Gladius addresses the current and future security challenges of organizations in many industries of different sizes with diverse surveillance needs.

Gladius VMS is available as two variants ― Gladius Lite and Gladius Pro (Professional), to suit the requirement of the installation. Gladius Lite is a free/trial version with basic features, with a paid upgrade to Gladius Pro having advanced features. The Lite version supports upto 50 cameras and single server while the Pro version supports unlimited cameras with multiple servers.

Gladius Central Management Software

The global nature of enterprises poses unique challenges for security and surveillance providers. They need to manage and monitor the remote sites from a central location and view live or recorded videos.

Aguilass rich portfolio of surveillance solutions offers Gladius Central Management Software (CMS) to meet the video surveillance needs of enterprises distributed across several locations.

Gladius CMS edition helps to manage distributed enterprise surveillance installations that are diverse right from DVR, NVR to different VMS’es. It offers a unified management interface that enables management of the overall security system, irrespective of the size or location.

Gladius Video Analytics Software

Surveillance technology has transitioned from being standalone to completely networked solution. The conventional systems with pure recording and monitoring require huge manpower to monitor and analyze all video feeds in real time. With growing camera counts, human operators can’t possibly detect every events as and when they occur. Video and Audio analytics provide real time insights, with automatic event and alarm notifications.

Aguilass Video Analytics Software is a collection of custom built video based analytics algorithms that helps enterprises analyze the video frames and detect human intervention and behavior. The unique algorithms help reduce complexity without sacrificing accuracy and are run at near real time performance.

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