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Keeping the workforce and partners up-to-date, e.g. on new products and policy changes, can be a daunting task for today’s enterprises. Faster product introductions, geographically distributed stakeholders and reduced attention spans of the millennial workforce hinder organizations in delivering effective training.

Existing training and learning practices are designed for structured and formal lessons and are not adequate to provide the ‘right knowledge’ to extended enterprise meet the expectations of customers. So, what should the learning and training organizations do about this?

The answer lies with modern micro-learning – delivered anytime, anywhere

Short content delivered frequently over mobile can impart training and distribute internal communication to the workforce, partners and customers alike. Some organizations are already leveraging similar methods informally to augment the existing training infrastructure.

When coupled with bite-sized content, which can be consumed and absorbed anywhere, the mobile micro learning can empower not only the learning organization, but also the business heads and other content generating groups within an organization.

ShotClasses: Modern micro-learning for enterprises

ShotClasses is Aguilass modern micro-Learning platform that can help enterprises reach their distributed workforce and partners through an intuitive learner app. It is designed to increase adoption and usage with the workforce and enables the learning department to launch, track and evaluate learning programs in a few clicks.


  • New product/ release information
  • Pricing plans
  • How-to-tips
  • Compliance training
  • Soft-skills trainings

Internal communications

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Incentive plans
  • Policy updates

ShotClasses: A state of the art technology platform

ShotClasses is a robust enterprise platform hosted on the Azure cloud to ensure low capital intensive solution that is scalable and secure.

Its open architecture means enterprise can choose to integrate it with existing learning and human capital management systems or use it as their sole learning platform.

Its lightweight design means it is available on all mainstream mobile platforms and provides seamless content delivery on even low bandwidth networks.

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